Steps for Businesses & Organizations

Be the business everybody thinks of when they need the products and services you provide.

1. Join Every.CITY

By joining Every.CITY, your business will be included in the Business Directory displayed on the Home Pages of your local city and county. Your directory listing will include a Google map, a link to your website, your regular hours, and information about the impact Covid-19 hours is having on the way you deliver your products and services.

When local residents come to their city or county pages and they click on a Business Category, having your business included can only help you. If you're not listed, they won't be able to find you.

Membership is free, and it only takes seconds to join. You can select one city and one county where your listing will be displayed, as well as the primary Business Category that best defines your business.

Even if you don't proceed through any more steps, you should at least add your business to the Business Directory with a link back to your website.

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2. Review the Business Admin Dashboard

When you sign into Every.CITY, you will immediately be at your Member Admin Dashboard. From there, click My Connections and select your business or organization. Your Business Dashboard will appear.

We have included a short overview video of the Business Admin Dashboard, and the many things you can do from there. The details are covered in the remaining Steps below.

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3. Accept Leads from Residents

Residents can submit quote requests for products or services from Every.CITY. They can describe the product or service they are looking for, add an optional picture, and select the Business Category that best describes the type of business that matches their request.

The system then sends a separate email to all member businesses who have indicated they want to receive free leads from their local residents. The business can then provide a quote or respond directly to the resident within the system.

The resident, after reviewing all the responses, determines if and with which business to continue the discussion. Once the free lead gets to this stage, the business email will be displayed to the resident so future discussions occur outside Every.CITY.

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4. Use the Interconnected 28 Focused Websites

There are up to three ways you can take advantage of the 28 Focused Websites.

  1. Determine which Focused Websites you can be part of. For example, if you provide home repairs or services, you would be in the House Focused Website. If you are a hotel, you would be in the Tourism Focused Website, but if you are a pet-friendly hotel, you could be in both the Tourism Focused Website and the Pet Focused Website. Once you select the appropriate Focused Websites, you will be in those Business Directories. You should not add yourself to a Focused Website where you do not belong.
  2. When you post your News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads, you can specify the Focused Websites where you want to display your postings. Using the hotel example again, if you have a gym for your customers, and you are posting a News Item about a new menu item in your restaurant, you should display that posting in the Restaurants Focused Website but not in Fitness Focused Website as your posting has nothing to do with Fitness even though you have a gym.
  3. If you are a realtor, used car dealer, apartment complex, lodging facility, or restaurant, the Focused Websites have search capabilities for listings, menus, vacancies, etc.

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5. Post News Items

To simplify your marketing strategies, take advantage of the suite of websites Every.CITY makes available at no cost to you. Your only investment is the few minutes it takes to share your business information with your local residents.

By posting your News Items, you can keep your business name in the minds of current and potential customers, so they think of you when they need the products or services you provide.

News Items can include information about new products or services, a new piece of equipment you have and how it can be used to help your residents, a helpful reminder to residents where they can prepare for the coming season, a new employee bio that brings additional skills to your business, a new contract, an interesting story about a customer job, and many more helpful items.

Your News Items and other postings all link back to your website, increasing site visitors to your website. And once on your website, your local residents can learn much more about the products and services you provide. How much easier could it be to increase traffic to your website!

In order to avoid one business monopolizing all the News Items on Home Pages, only the latest News Item you post will be active. However, if someone clicks on your News Item, your previous News Items that are less than 15 days old will also be viewable. Also, once a News Item becomes 15 days old, it is no longer considered "news," and will no longer be displayed.

Finally, if you have one of our DataSpokes websites, your News Items on your site are not restricted by the 15-day limit, but they will remain active until you inactivate or delete them.

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6. Post Specials

If your business has Specials, promote them here for free. You can create your Specials ahead of time and update the dates and activate them when you are ready to use them. Your Specials will be displayed for 15 days or until the ending date you specify.

Only the latest Special you post will be active., however, if someone clicks the Specials button on your pate, any previous Specials less than 15 days old will also be viewable. Once a Special becomes 15 days old, it is no longer considered "special," and it will not be displayed.

If you have one of our DataSpokes websites (discussed in a later step), the Specials offered on your site are not restricted by the 15-day limit, but they will remain active until you inactivate or delete them.

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7. Post Events

If your business has Events, you can promote them here. If anything changes, or you need to update information due to weather or traffic conditions, you can quickly update your Event information.

Many times, depending on the size of the city or county, an event you wish to publicize can get lost in the local Event Calendar. When you post your Event using the 28 Specialty Websites, a site visitor can easily check for the Events they are particularly interested in. They can look at Sports Events, Family Events, Education Events, Tourism Events, etc.

Unlike News Items and Specials, you are not limited to the number of Events you can include in the Master Event Calendar. Having all Events included in the Master Event Calendar enables those planning Events to avoid as many conflicts as possible.

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8. Post Help Wanted Ads

If your business hires new employees, you can post Help Wanted Ads here.

You can post as many Help Wanted Ads as you like in the Every.CITY suite of websites, and they will all be displayed. Help Wanted Ads are displayed for a maximum of 30 days. If you fill the job and there is no longer a vacancy, you should either delete your ad or inactivate it for future use.

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9. Reminder EMails to Help with Postings

If you find you get so involved in your day-to-day activities that promoting your business slips through the cracks, we can help. Every.CITY can send you automatic, system-generated emails to remind you it's time for another posting.

You can manage each posting type separately, only turning on the reminders you want, and you can also set each reminder type at intervals of 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. You can turn on and off posting reminders whenever you like.

Your Postings are only displayed on your city and county Home Pages for a limited time, as indicated below, so to keep your name in front of your customers and potential customers, you should try to post your items on a regular basis.

  1. News Items: 15 days
  2. Specials: The earlier of 15 days, or the ending date of the Special
  3. Events: The day after the Event
  4. Help Wanted Ads: 30 days

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10. Post Coupons in Every.CITY

Do you want to make coupons available to your local residents, but it costs too much to do so? In Every.CITY you can create "Referral Coupons" and make them available to your local residents. Such Referral Coupon serve multiple purposes:

  1. Referral Process: Upon joining Every.CITY, each resident is provided with a unique Referral Code they can share via emails, word-of-mouth, social media, etc., to encourage spreading the word and growing Every.CITY. When individuals join Every.CITY and enter the referrer's Referral Code, the referrer earns a Referral Credit which they can then redeem for Referral Coupons.
  2. Referral Coupon: Businesses can create Referral Coupons indicating the value of the coupon, how it can be used, and the number of Referral Points that are required to earn the Coupon. (Note: If you set the increment to 0, this is the same as a "typical" coupon where there are no requirements to redeem a coupon.) For increments above 0, once a local resident accumulates enough Referral Points for that coupon, they can "transfer" the points to the business and the Referral Coupon is generated for the resident, with a copy displayed to the business for tracking purposes. The resident presents the coupon to the business in exchange for the specified value.
  3. Advertising Credits: Businesses that receive the Referral Points can use them to reduce their advertising costs if they choose to advertise either on city and county Home Pages, or on Business Category Pages

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11. Post Prizes for Apps in Every.CITY

Interested in supporting the youth and students in your community, increasing your store traffic, and most likely increasing your sales? We have a very unique solution for you. Offer a prize for those under 16-years-old who master various educational challenges. The challenge may be set by the teacher or a parent, and the prize can be anything you want to offer, such as an ice cream cone, a round of miniature golf, or a slice of pizza. For larger valued prizes, instead of a "one-for-one" prize, the prize could be an entry into a drawing that will be conducted at the end of the month, or time period you specify in the custom rules.

Although there is a tiny bit of time allowed for mistakes, it is minimal, and the child would have to know their 12-times tables to win the prize. If they succeed, a customized PDF certificate is generated that they can print or take a screen capture on their smartphone. The parent or guardian must then accompany the child to your store and affirm the child completed the task on their own without the help of a friend or sibling. You then provide the prize, and depending on the prize, there is a good chance the parent will also purchase something for themselves or other family members when they are in your store. Each child can only earn one prize per campaign you create.

The PDF certificates contain the child's name, the date they earned their prize, the date the certificate expires, the rules for earning the prize, etc. in order to minimize improper claiming of prizes. Additionally, you could add a second bonus prize of two scoops for anyone's certificate that shows they completed the task in less than 4 minutes as opposed to the standard 5 minutes.

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12. Add an Additional Business Category
$5.95/month or $59.95/year

Each business that joins Every.CITY is listed in the Business Directory under one Business Category, with a link to their website. However, some businesses perform a dual role and could benefit from being listed in multiple Business Categories. Traditionally, businesses like to be listed in as many Business Categories as possible, so they get as much exposure as possible. However, that approach frequently leads to bloated listings that are not targeted and can be confusing. Consequently, each business needs to make a business decision to determine if it is worth an extra $5.95 per month or $59.95 per year to be added to an additional Business Category. This small fee keeps Business Category listings more targeted.

Occasionally, these different business roles are seasonal. For example, a landscaper may plow roads in the winter. If that is the case, they could change their one Business Category to their desired Business Category as the season changes, thus avoiding the extra fee.

But if the business performed landscaping year-round, but added plowing in the winter months, they could add the plowing Business Category for only those months where they were performing that service.

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13. Add an Additional City or County
as Low As $7.95/month or $79.95/year

When you add your business to Every.CITY, your business is included in the Business Directory in one city and one county. However, depending on your business type, there may be some advantage to expanding your target audience to adjoining cities and/or counties. For example, if you were an ice cream store, chances are you would not benefit by having your postings displayed in the adjoining city or county. However, if you were an HVAC contractor doing business in multiple counties, being included in the Business Directory in the adjoining county, may be worth the extra cost.

The cost of adding an additional city to your membership is $7.95 per month or $79.95 per year, and the cost of adding an additional county is $8.95 per month or $89.95 per year. When you add either of these options to your membership, you will also be listed in the Business Directory for the new locale, but more importantly, your News Items, Specials, Help Wanted Ads and Events will also be displayed in the new locale.

You can change which city and county you belong to, at any time, so if your business is between cities, you can pick the city you think will help you the most, or you can try one city for a few months and then switch to the other city. The same applies to counties.

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14. Advertise on a Business Category Page
$9.95/month or $99.95/year

Advertising on a Business Category Page is one of the best ways to begin advertising. The rate is fixed at $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year for a graphic ad on a Business Category Page for a City and $14.95 per month or $149.95 per year for a County, regardless of the population size or the number of current advertisers. The optimum size for a graphic is 180px wide by 150px tall.

There is no limit on the number of ads on a Business Category Page. That means it will always be available to you. And Business Category Ads are displayed in the order in which the advertiser signed up. If you are the third advertiser for a specific Business Category Page, your ad will always be displayed in the third spot from the top.

Finally, you will be able to change your graphic, and the website URL it points to whenever you like and as often. For example, if you happen to be a realtor, you could change the graphic every time you listed a new property, including the property in the graphic, as well as pointing the new graphic to your full MLS listing.

You are not limited to advertising on the Business Category page of the Business Category where your business is listed. If you are in the Landscaping Business Category you may want to place your ad on the Tree Service Business Category page.

Finally, it's very easy to start and stop advertising campaigns. You can advertise for three summer months, and then cancel your ad. Everything is online so once you start an ad, you only need to hit the cancel button to stop the next monthly charge. If you take out an ad on May 15th, and want your ad to run until August 15th, sometime between July 15th and August 14th, just cancel your ad and you will not be charged on August 15 or thereafter.

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15. Advertise on City/County Home Page
as low as $13.50/month or $90/year

Businesses can take advantage of our extremely low advertising rates. Since we are just now launching Every.CITY, the opportunities are even better. For example, if a business is the first one to advertise on a Home Page for a city or county in either Every.CITY or one of the 28 Focused Websites, they will receive a 70 percent discount on the rate. And if you continue your ad uninterrupted, your rate will continue year after year until you cancel.

Advertising rates are based on three factors. The first is the Population Tier of the city or county. For example, a city that has a population of less than 10,000 is a Tier 1 city, whereas a city that has a population of between 25,000 and 50,000 is a Tier 3 city.

The second factor is whether the ad will be on the Home Page on the primary Every.CITY website or whether it will be on the Home Page of a Focused Website. And the third factor is the number of current advertisers, providing major incentives for early adopters.

Once you sign up for a Home Page ad, you will be able to change the graphic (180px x 150 px) whenever and as often as you like. Additionally, if desired, you will also be able to have a different graphic displayed on each day of the week, and the daily graphics can each point to a different website or the same website, depending on your needs. And you can change these weekday graphics whenever and as often as you like as well.

For example, if you are a restaurant, your Wednesday ad could display a free piece of pie for any entree purchase, but your Thursday ad could be a free child’s meal for every adult purchase.

There is a limit of 10 Home Page ads for each Home Page, so once they are taken, you will have to wait until someone cancels before you will be able to advertise, and if so, it will be at the full rate. However, the ads will not be displayed on the page in the order they are purchased, but rather will be displayed randomly in order to make the Home Page look less static.

You are not limited to advertising on a Focused Home Page where your business is included. If you are a Child Fun Park, and as such would be listed on the Family Focused Website for your city and your county, but you want to place your ad on the Home Page of Pets, you will be able to do that.

Additionally, since your business is listed in one city and county, you may find it helpful to advertise on the Home Page of an adjoining city or county to expand your business to that area as well.

Finally, it's very easy to start and stop advertising campaigns, so you could advertise for the three summer months you feel will benefit you the most. Therefore, once you start an ad, you only need to hit the cancel button to stop the next monthly charge. If you take out an ad on May 15th, and want your ad to run until August 15th, sometime between July 15th and August 14th, just cancel your ad and you will not be charged on August 15 or thereafter.

Discount Home Page Ad Rates for Richmond City
(Tier 3 Population)

  MyRichmond.CITY Specialty Website
  # of Current Advertisers     Discount     Monthly Cost     Yearly Cost     Monthly Cost     Yearly Cost  
0 70% $43.88 $292.50 $29.25 $195.00
1 60% $58.50 $390.00 $39.00 $260.00
2 50% $73.13 $487.50 $48.75 $325.00
3 40% $87.75 $585.00 $58.50 $390.00
4 30% $102.38 $682.50 $68.25 $455.00
5 25% $109.69 $731.25 $73.13 $487.50
6 20% $117.00 $780.00 $78.00 $520.00
7 15% $124.31 $828.75 $82.88 $552.50
8 10% $131.63 $877.50 $87.75 $585.00
9 0% $146.25 $975.00 $97.50 $650.00

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