Membership: Revenue Sharing Partners

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Work From Home

Most of the work you will be doing can easily be done from home using a phone. However, on occasions, you may find it to your advantage to attend some of the local events to develop better relationships in the community.

Share in the Advertising revenue

As our Local Partner, you will receive a percentage of both Home Page and Category Page advertising revenue. There is a maximum of 10 ads that can be displayed on a Home Page, but an unlimited number of ads can be displayed on the individual Business Category Pages. And their are 19 additional Specialty Websites where these same numbers apply. That is a total of 400 Home Page ads and unlimited Category ads from which you will receive revenue. And if you are also the Local Partner for the county, those numbers double again.

Post Featured Items & Non-Profit Items

You will need to be alert to the happenings in your community so you can post Featured Items on the Home Pages.

Encourage Business and Resident Registrations

Again, much of this work can be done from home on the phone, but you may find an occasional meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce, city officials, etc. will better facilitate additional registrations.

Encourage Business and Organizations to Post Items

This is one of the best ways you can promote the value of the websites, which engages both the consumers and the businesses together. Having value for both the merchants as well as the consumers provides a win-win solution for all.

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